The following code of ethics is a guideline for clowns and artists who cooperate with Clowns Without Borders (CWB):

• The clowns or the artists cooperating with us start from the presumption that their task is to make children feel better in crisis situations (e.g. conflicts, natural disasters, social inequality) in any part of the world.

• The clowns or the cooperating artists work to make children feel better in crisis situations, without discriminating on the basis of race, age, religion, culture, social situation or any other categorisation. The children are the target audience and the main beneficiary of CWB.

• For the clowns and cooperating artists, participation in CWB projects is always based on volunteer work.

• Humanitarian work in cooperation with CWB does not involve the promotion of one’s professional career or image in connection with participation in the project or afterwards. Neither will the humanitarian work be used in any other commercial activity or publicity-seeking.

• The clowns/artists will not use their humanitarian work to impose personal points of view upon target populations. Instead, they will concentrate on their professional work as artists. The artist will not attempt to “educate” the population, refraining from any “evangelical” activities.

• When choosing the contents of their performances and workshops, the clowns/artists will consider the sensibilities of the target, taking into account their culture as well as the delicate situation in which they are living.

• When working with CWB projects, clowns and cooperating artists see and share difficult situations. Their work does not end when they return home. They should testify in the measure possible all situations of injustice that they have witnessed.

• The name, logo and identity of Clowns Without Borders shall not be used as a vehicle for remuneration.