Klovnit ilman rajoja ry / Clowns without borders

Haukilahdenkatu 2

00550 Helsinki



Pipsa Pirkko-Leena Toikka, chair

+358 (0)44 3698229

Roosa Hannikainen

+358 (0)50 3850756

Marjo Pyykönen, producer

+358 (0)40 5567191




Take part in our work

The activity of Clowns Without Borders Finland is based on volunteer work. You can join by paying the annual membership fee of 20 euros (account: Osuuspankki FI13 5723 0220 2326 51; reference number: 10029; enter your name in the message box). Also send an e-mail to info@klovnitilmanrajoja.org and tell us your name, e-mail address, and whether you want to receive our e-mail newsletter. All members are invited by e-mail to our annual meeting and are eligible to vote there.

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